BSA Annual Conference 2019 - Highlights from British Sociological Association on Vimeo.

For Teachers

If you are a pre-university level teacher of Sociology, then this website and all of its content is primarily for you.

The main purpose of this website is to provide resources, content and ideas to help bring the teaching of Sociology alive. Under What is Sociology? you will find a brief definition of the subject, some of the careers those who have studied Sociology go into, and some examples of contemporary sociological research under Sociology in Action.

The Magazine area of the website provides access to the current and back issues of the BSA Teachers Group publication The Sociology Teacher, which has lots of interesting articles and recourse for teachers and lecturers of Sociology.

And under Teaching Resources you can find ideas, content and weblinks to material on some of the key areas of Sociology typically taught at pre-university level.

The Discover More menu provides access to BSA videos , an events list, and other media downloads , such as the accompanying Discovery Sociology booklet.

Finally, if you have any ideas, comments, corrections or suggestions for content, please do contact us. The idea of this website is that is it made by Sociologists, for Sociologists, so we want you all to get involved!